anton to Hong-ko

s down, so that the third-class passengers cannot co


me on deck; and we keep plenty of rifles and revolvers in the pilot-house and captain's cabin ready for use. They may never try it on us again, and we don't intend to give th

  • the junk hung out her signal and came near, the
  • fellows were to fall upon us with their knives, an
  • d capture the boat. They intended to kill us all, but
  • their scheme failed, as there were four ships at anchor that day close by the spot where the junk was to mee
  • t them, and so the junk took the alarm and left. There was no disturbance, and we did not have a s
uspicion of anything wrong. Finding they had failed with us, the
Collect from ??????



l along the southern coast. The government tries to suppress them, but it is not easy to do so, and hardly a day passes without the report of a robbery somewhere. All trading-junks are obliged to go heavily armed, and out of this fact comes a great deal of the


Stev Joni
y had intended t

piracy, as a junk may be a peaceful trader at one o'clock, a

Alisher Usmanov
o rob this b

pirate at two, and a peaceful trader again at three. It takes very little to induce a Chinese captain to turn pirate when he sees a rich prize before him, and he ha

Stev Joni
oat. Since then

s no trouble in winning over his crew. It is impossible to distinguish the pirate from


we always have t

the trader; a

nd as the coas

t is seamed with island passages and indented with bays, it is easy for a junk to escape aft

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